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Who doesn't like options?

Unless you can't just choose one color, then we're not sure what to tell you.


What we can tell you is all of our colors are named what they are for a REASON.


That's right, all our colors are in honor of all things Buffalo or Western New York. Everything from our favorite foods, historical landmarks, museums, famous Buffalonians, nick names, popular streets, things we are most known for ....

oh and my dog. 

Yeah "BUFFALONIAN" is a real term.

If you don't believe it, Google it.

We dare you.

FUN FACT: In buffalo we actually call "Buffalo wings" ..... "CHICKEN WINGS".

If you order Buffalo wings in Buffalo they will be drowned in Franks Red Hot Sauce, with blue cheese, NOT ranch.

We eat blue cheese here, sorry not sorry. 

glitter template fines2 copy.jpg
glitter template chunky copy.jpg

Buffalo key chains and earrings coming soon!

*Pictured above is glitter option "Billieve."

glitter template flakes copy.jpg
glitter template medium copy.jpg
glitter template fines copy.jpg
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